Standard letter of notification of receipt and acceptance of final article - ready to be submitted to the electronic system

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Thank you very much for sharing the final version of your paper "PAPER NAME" for the special issue “SPECIAL ISSUE NAME” of the KM4D Journal.


The paper is now ready to be submitted to the KM4D Journal’s Open Access Journal System. Please follow the next steps carefully and at latest by ADD DEADLINE HERE:

Go to: [2] Register with the system (if you haven’t done so yet) Log in onto the system Click on ‘author’ under ‘Knowledge management for development journal’ Click on ‘CLICK HERE TO START THE SUBMISSION PROCESS’ Check the tick boxes, select the journal section and if relevant add comments for the editor Click ‘Save and continue’

...follow all other steps in the process (no need to add title/abstract in non-relevant languages) including the uploading of the paper file and clicking on ‘Finish submission’.

Upon completing these steps, we may contact you shortly, should the need arise. The journal is expected to appear in (APPROXIMATE) DATE OF PUBLICATION and you will be among the first to be informed.

In the meantime, should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

YOUR NAME, On behalf of the editorial team