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First Name Last Name E-mail City & Country you work in Organization / Institution What areas of KM are you familiar with and have experience in context of intl. development? What aspect of the KM do you want to know more about? Please, upload your current photo - 1 MB max (no avatar :) John Akude Bonn, Germany German Development Institute Virtually none! I am not a practitioner; rather a researcher and very new to the topic All relevant aspects passfoto1.docx John Akude Germany German Development Institute I am relatively new to the topic and researching generally on all issues. However, I may be particularly interested in the conceptualization of knowledge and the relationship(s) between knowledge, development and innovation. Further interests are the policies and practices of the World Bank in this area as well as the K4D policies of OECD members. All of them! As a researcher, the more I know the better for me. Akude_110715_001_a.JPG Jeremy Bailey Washington, D.C., USA World Vision International Facilitating a community of practice. Document sharing. Managing websites. 1) Learning from others in how they share the good practices of the development work they are involved in and more specifically how that sharing is being used to innovate and improve practices and then re-apply them within the programmes/projects. 2) How organizations are currently sharing tools, good practices, case studies with other organisations, NGOs, and partner groups. And does this help new innovation and learning within those other orgs. jbailey.jpg John Bakum Ithaca, NY USA Cornell University I am new to organized KM but I believe learning more about will assist the international projects I work on. What are the current trends in KM? And setting up and maintaining communities of practice. headshot.jpg Denise Beaulieu Gatineau, Canada Consultant, Self-employed Knowledge mapping, knowledge management strategies, identification of best practices, cross-cultural aspects of knowledge sharing, facilitation of communities of practice I am not good/knowledgeable about technology and would like to learn about applications for knowledge sharing and knowledge storage and retrieval. Beaulieu_denise-2012.JPG Lissette Bernal-Cruz New York, NY - US The Rockefeller Foundation Development and implementation of KM strategies Facilitating use of web-based tools for enahced knowledge flow Designing information architecture Fostering and supporting a community of practice and online community for global reproductive health professionals Provision of technical and managerial support for product development Current SOTA practice LBernal-Cruz.jpg Piers Bocock Montpellier, France CGIAR Consortium Needs assessments; KM program design for low and middle income countries; Communities of Practice; (appropriate) ICT4Dev; content curation, synthesis, and delivery. KM impact measurement. Collaboration to map the future of KM in low and middle income countries. PB_MP.jpg Natalie Campbell Washington DC, USA Management Sciences for Health Network Mapping for project design and evaluation, guiding Communities of Practice, process methods like peer assists, river of life, graphic facilitation, world cafe etc. Platforms - electronic newsletters, intranet, eluminate, social networking, mobile phone use for knowledge sharing. Most recently - the application of learning organization theories. The culture/behavior change piece at an organizational level. We build systems and repositories, but the extent to which they are accessed depends on the culture of a group or organization, how do we affect change there? photo.jpg Abby Clobridge Durham, NC, USA Clobridge Consulting libraries, taxonomy development, Open Access & Open Knowledge, metadata, information/content management, folksonomies KM in connection with monitoring & evaluation. Looking forward to meeting others involved in KM4Dev and learning more about their work! aclobridge_02-2011.jpg Sarah Crass Federal Way, WA, USA World Vision International CoPs are my area of expertise! For the last 5 years, I have managed the Global Health, Nutrition and HIV CoP for World Vision. decreasing passive membership; seeing positive examples of cross-sectoral community integration; M&E for KM... Sarah Africa 2012.jpg Willow Gerber USA Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Supporting Learning Centers; synthesizing information (capturing, adapting, and creating); tools & resource databases; documentation; SWOT analysis. Frameworks/logic models, gap and situation analysis, return on investment, and Monitoring & Evaluation. cherry blossoms with JSI.JPG Renée Giroux Ottawa, Canada Federation of Canadian Municipalities I have been involved in KM for about 10 years. I have been responsible for putting in place our Knowledge Management Unit and ensuring we are building and sharing a body of knowledge around municipal development that builds on the best practices we are developing with our overseas partners through our international development projects. I am particularly interested in 1) monitoring and evaluation of KM; 2) how to ensure everyone involved in development projects take responsibility for KM and 3) how to be more effective in moving from knowledge sharing to adaptation/replication IMG_2089.JPG Ann Hendrix-Jenkins Baltimore, MD, USA JHU Center for Communication Programs (CCP) global health community health systems (formal and informal) social mobilization social and behavior change instructional design health communication Professionalization of KM Making the case for KM Blended KM Pinning down KM foundations Evidence base: what we know, and next questions AHJ.jpg Leia Isanhart Balima Baltimore, USA Catholic Relief Services Documenting and sharing lessons learned associated with project close-out Setting up online libraries for archiving and sharing key project documents across consortium members What are some best practices for improving participation in online libraries and communities of practice? What are some best practices from large international NGOs for facilitating KM globally at the agency level when there are multiple languages and offices to deal with? - Petr Kosina Berkeley, USA CIMMYT social media, library/repositories, open access, meeting facilitation, CMS, M&E, change of organizational culture IMG_7307.jpg Jenny Lah Seattle, USA Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Basics of KM and ICT (social networking, etc.), KM strategies like knowledge brokering, repositories, storytelling; packaging How to better internalize external knowledge, how to incentivize learning and sharing in complex organizations, how to build networks and communities to store and transmit information about complex partnerships Jenny_Lahpassport.jpg Lucie Lamoureux Brussels, Belgium KM4D Associates Applying and coaching on KM/KS methods and tools, KM strategy development, developing/maintaining communities of practice, social networking, facilitation. What's the latest in M&E KM initiatives? What are the latest KM trends in development? And generally speaking, where are we at right now in terms of affecting change using KM approaches? 2012.jpg Jessica Lustbader St. Thomas, USVI Fintrac I am familiar with the basic concepts and applications of KM4D and have been following along on the list-serve for quite some time out of my own interest; however, for the first time, KM is becoming part of my job, and I want to learn more about actually implementing the concepts. Best practices to improve corporate learning and catalyze information sharing across 11 project offices worldwide. JESSICA3.jpg Aimee Maron Quito, Ecuador ICAA - International Resources Group I have worked to design knowledge management strategies with internal and external components (among program partners as well as externally). I have designed and implemented information management systems (i.e. intranets, taxonomy development, etc.), and other technological tools to support collaboration and co-creation (Google Drive, webinars, etc.). Repackaging of research and investigations into shorter more specialized documents (infographics, articles, etc.). Development of sistematizations and lessons learned studies. Organizational evaluation criteria and institucional strengthening in KM aspects. 856759_10151308788198741_74973769_o.jpg Sara Mascola Arlington, VA, USA The Nature Conservancy Network building, capacity building with local communities, resource development/knowledge capture Knowledge management metrics and measures; using knowledge to influence decision makers; moving from planning to implementation--fostering organizational culture for knowledge management Sara Mascola (1024x1024).jpg Carolina Ravinskas Washington, DC - USA Cardno Emerging Markets --KM strategy development --KM tools launch and training --Establishing/maintaining KS web portals and intranets --Integration between strategic communications and knowledge management --Establishing a new culture of learning/sharing --How to get others to take part in KM objectives (to see importance of process) --Establishing a social media policy - what are best practices to keep in mind (obtaining leadership buy-in, staff participation, public engagement) Image 3.jpg Reza Salim Dhaka, Bangladesh Amader Gram ICTs for development Health Communication; uses of technologies in rural health system development; mHealth International collaboration Reza_Salim.jpg Sarah Schmidt Arlington, VA Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Use of social media for engagement and communications, development and facilitation of communities of practice, knowledge curation and product development (vignettes, videos, photo blogs, etc). In general, I'm really interested in learning about others' experience in Organizational Learning which is a new scale for me. On the operational side - learning and communities of practice engagement plans; use and development of info graphics; methodologies and experiences working with remote teams successfully profile.jpg Johannes Schunter New York, USA United Nations Development Programme Communities of Practice & Knowledge Networks Corporate Social Networking & KM Platforms Public Social Media Tools for KM Online Collaboration Crowd-sourcing KM needs assessment Standard KM process & tools (Peer assists, After-action reviews, etc) New KM trends KM measurement/metrics/evidence Improving knowledge flow within organizations How to cater to demand for "lessons learned" without falling into the "Lessons learned databases" trap Successful systematic KM approaches Establishing Knowledge Hubs skype-profile-pic.jpg Jessica Silverthorne Seattle, WA USA Catholic Relief Services Capturing lessons learned, developing capacity statements. • Working definitions for “learning” from other organizations. • Ideas on Learning Frameworks adopted by other organizations. • Menus of KM practices/tools that can facilitate becoming a learning organization. • Design and use of learning agendas with other agencies to assess utility and effectiveness. • How to promote an organizational culture in which it’s encouraged to acknowledge and learn from mistakes/ failures? • Factors that help organizations prioritize what they’re going to document, or what they’re going to study and learn from. • How to promote the uptake of existing KM practices within an organization and what are the hindrances to KM within a an organization and how can they be addressed. - Michael Victor Laos CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food + Water, Land and Ecosystems Communication for development, facilitation, theory of change/Impact Pathways, information management, social learning, engagement and networking, social network analysis Internal knowledge sharing and learning for organizations or programs. We have a large program where we need to improve internal processes for learning and sharing. Michael.jpg Camilo Villa Bogota, Colombia Tribus & Nómadas Learning, communities of practices, facilitation, web 2.0 innovation and creativity, new paradigms, bridging paradigms Camilo Villa.jpg Megan Zandstra Cali, Colombia CIAT Most recently, I have been working on a project to make research outputs more accessible on the CIAT website. This has led to a lot of discussion and interest in our document repository and how we might catalogue and make accessible outputs of differing formats (web tools, videos, slideshows, etc). I am a librarian, with training in cataloguing, standardized vocabulary, information-seeking behaviour and database design. I blog. Everything. My library experience is fairly traditional, but I get really excited about making information available and accessible in less traditional, more creative ways. Knowledge sharing is something I do a lot of with my blogging community, but not something I am used to incorporating into my work. mz.jpg