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At the KM4Dev Open Space 30 September 2011, a session was devoted to "the KM4Dev platform plethora" in use. Always a heated debate - be assured - not only in our community. Some 15 KM4Dev-ers attended the session.

I Peter: suggest to insert who is writing here myself have a sort of stake in looking after memberships and use of the KM4Dev social network ( , mostly referenced as 'the Ning'). That is a daily routine for me and when I am absent for a while my co-admins take care of business. Personally I favor systems where admin is shared which is also an example of network resilience.

For me a key question is whether KM4Dev should pursue ONE digital habitat but some arguments and logic conclude such. One of these reasons is that our mailing list (KM4dev/l on dGroups, mostly referenced as 'dGroups') nor our collaborate work-space (mostly referenced as 'the Wiki') are nicely integrated.

Others noticed the 'emails of little words' by the social network as notifications. During the sessions Paolo discovered two groups in LinkedIn for KM4Dev. Also a Facebook page and separate dGroups per language exist. Also social tagging (delicious / Diigo / Google lists) and hash-tags (#KM4dev) meant for KM4Dev people and interested others to grab web-content together.

Peter: suggest to insert here a complete hyperlinked list of KM4dev online

During the session Damir Simunic suggested to have a good look at the next generation of dGroups at He writes on the site under the heading "Impartial Testimonial" that "This is the best-ever email and web collaboration site for professionals in international development. No other site has such cool design; I'd recommend everyone to start with Dgroups now!".

In that KM4Dev open space session I took it upon me - and had promissed such when tying that pink piece of thread around muy wrist - to pick up on this topic and herewith I would like to kick off. My proposal is to get in touch with the wider community to see if we can - AND have to - synthesize a direction. For this I would need some information collected by a questionnaire. The latter I would like to suggest we develop together below. With Google forms or SurveyMonkey we could have all KM4Dev-ers involved.


Hi KM4Dev member,

Through this questionaire we seek your opinion and suggestions regarding KM4dev's online presence. As you may know KM4dev uses several different websites (dgroup, Ning, wiki, Facebook page, LinkedIn group). We are looking into possibilities to rationalize our online presence. Please participate, your contributions will be treated confidentially, no reference to individual responses will be made.

I read email on the KM4Dev dgroup Y/N  -----  I use the KM4Dev mailing list myself Y/N

I consult the KM4Dev wiki Y/N ----- I contribute to the KM4Dev wiki myself Y/N

I subscribe to the KM4Dev Ning social network Y/N ----- I use KM4Dev Ning social network myself Y/N

I use dGroups myself Y/N/Do not know

I use Ning myself Y/N/Do not know

I use MediaWIki myself Y/N//Do not know

I use Facebook myself Y/N/Do not know
I use LinkedIn myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Delicious myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Diigo myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Twitter myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Quora myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Wiki software myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Yammer myself Y/N/Do not know
I use Joomla myself Y/N/Do not know
I use ... myself Y/N/Do not know
I use ... myself Y/N/Do not know
I use ... myself Y/N/Do not know

I would like to suggest to improve the current IT support for KM4Dev as follows: 


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