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Abby Clobridge +North America  +
Abdul Rahman Ilyas +Asia and the Pacific  +
Abubacker Siddick +Asia and the Pacific  +
Adrian Samuels +Europe and the CIS  +
Alexia Hetzel +Europe and the CIS  +
Anik Indarwati +Asia and the Pacific  +
Ann Hendrix-Jenkins +North America  +
Arwen Bailey +Europe and the CIS  +


Benedict Abraham +Asia and the Pacific  +
Bruce Kisitu +Africa  +


Camilo Villa +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
Carl Jackson +Europe and the CIS  +
Catherine Mumbi +Africa  +
Cecilia Viscarra +Europe and the CIS  +
Chris Zielinski +Europe and the CIS  +
CoPs based in the Pacific and cultural barriers to participating in virtual CoPs +Asia  +
Curt Wellington +Latin America and the Caribbean  +


Daan Boom +Arab States  +
Davide Piga +North America  +
Denise Senmartin +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
Dhurjati Chaudhuri +Asia and the Pacific  +
Dilipsing Bayas +Asia and the Pacific  +
Dipendra Raj Sharma +Asia and the Pacific  +
Donor and NGO Coordination and Accountability +Africa  +


Elias Damtew +Africa  +
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