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An invitation was sent to the KM4Dev community by email on 7 October 2008 as follows:

"Hi all,

We’d like to invite you to read, improve and get involved in a proposal for a KM4Dev Community Action Day. The concept came out of an enthusiastic discussion at the Almada workshop and you can see if you share our vision by visiting the KM4Dev Wiki:

The idea is that the KM4Dev community could make a larger difference to development and raise its profile through members taking local actions, which the community would celebrate and share.

As well as your reactions to his proposal there are opportunities to add to the Cook Book (tips on how to run local actions); suggest software tools to help us promote, map, capture and celebrate actions; or let everyone know the idea you have for your local action.

Please send comments back to the list or add them to the wiki. If you don’t yet have a wiki password and username to enable you to edit pages then please email Lucie directly to request one:

Actively yours,

Carl Jackson, Charles Dhewra, Nancy White, Sophie Treinen, Jess Stansfeld, Allison Hewlitt, Reza Salim"


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