Nov 17 Meeting minutes

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Suggested Edits & Additions

  • should include credits at the end including names of people involved, the licensing ie. creative commons as well as a link to a summary page
  • should create a summary document to include: key peer assist points, links to additional resources, information such as the hosting server on how to contribute to further development of the module especially for those interested in translation into other languages. Note - this has been set-up in the wiki (
  • build a pre-loader & pause functionality; add export functionality
  • changes fonts for the text PROCESS TIPS etc. so that they are easier to read
  • change the course (instead of heading north could see a map with a highlighted destination
  • put bob at the flipchart at the start of the peer assist rather than the facilitator


A number of questions were raised during the meeting and it would be useful to follow these up with Richard. These include:

  • What is the relevance of this work with Ottawa U faculty (if any)?
  • Where do we host the files - Ottawa U's servers, Bellanet's, both?
  • What kind of license are we using? Bellanet would like to licence it under (this is the Canadian version but may want to consider the generic one)
  • Where do we want to go from here? Are there other opportunities for collaboration?


We had a quick conversation where we reflected on the project. Here are a few of our recommendations based on our reflections. Please feel free to add more:

  • Avoid using a wiki to draft the script and pick up the phone more often; a phone conversation could have resolved things that would have taken a week via the wiki (or word doc for that matter)
  • keep the collaboration aspect; working together seems to have generated a richer product
  • Put aside more face-to-face time to develop the script


There was some discussion on the time required to modify the module. The most time consuming aspect relates to rewrites in the script. Changes made to the audio wouldn't be too difficult ie. half a day to insert pre-recorded audio files. Edits made to the text are the least time consuming.