Marc.steinlin's comments August 14

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Marc Steinlin's Comments

For me, one big question would be how many tools need to be integrated on the platform and for what do we just hook into the platforms and tools out there. As an example, some organisational tools might be nice like polling tools to hold votes and agree on meetings (like or doodle). Another issue that might come up is the provision of meeting platforms. I realise that we have more and more meetings online - using Skype and so on (in particular in the core group) - where it could be "comfortable" to have a good tool at hands, that is available (I remember some lengthy discussions who has access to phone conferencing facilities - it might be nice if KM4Dev could provide such services). And more and more are expressing to explore further reaching ways (like OpenspaceOnline, DimDim, ...). Lastly, but that's maybe just crazy thinking: wouldn't it be interesting to see how we could customise larger platforms (like facebook, linkedin, ning) for our purposes rather than creating our own new one? I remember having read that the software company Serena has stopped their intranet and moved all to facebook (after programming some applications onthere), since many of their collaborators logged onto that platform every morning anyway. On one side that may be too crazy, on the other side, if not KM4Dev pioneers such stuff, who else?