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Checklist for work coming up

Please add initials as appropriate for who is responsible to undertake each task.

social programme

  • music (JK)


(compile list, divide tasks who to bring/buy what, gather stuff)

  • touristic mini-guide or links (BC)
  • name tags
  • Facilitation/workshop materials (for all days. Check requirements with each committee)
    - lcd panel  (this is US language for beamer)
    - colour printer and cartridge, A4 paper
    - glue sticks of special glue that easily comes off
    - different coloured markers (50 in total)
    - 6 flipchart stands and paper
    - EasyFlip from Leitz (electrostatic plastic)
    - newspaper paper roll
    - A4 card stock (100 sheets)
    - coloured cards (various shapes, roughly 100x10cm in diameter, 100x20cm)
    - masking tape (painter's tape if possible - 4 rolls)
    - sticky tack (3 packages)
    - push pins if appropriate (1-2 boxes)
    - digital camera and charger (x2?) (to capture flips, drawings)
    - laser printer (to run off notes, agendas, flyers, images) (note jk: this is hard to organize at low cost. I can do a non-laser printer only.)

  • Day Zero materials (if any specific requirements. Need to liaise with committee)
  • Days 1-2 materials (same as above)
  • Day 3 materials (same as above)

For the OS, I can tell what we usually need:

  • 2-3 Big Pinboards (one for the reports from the workshops, and one big wall for the "schedule" - depending on how many breakout "rooms" we plan - I would estimate we would need a wall approx. 5 sheets A3 high and 8 sheets large - since there are no such boards, we could put up large sheets of blank paper (brown paper) and put glue on (glue sticks that allow to remove things again)
  • For each breakout room a flipchart and pens
  • Reporting: the rule in an OS is that every convener makes sure that the reports are typed up by the evening of each day. For this purpose we need laptops and a template where people can type stuff in. It would be nice to have an online template rather than a MSWord template. I guess we will have enough people with laptops so we don't need to provide any - we could just announce the URL where people can put their reports
  • Posters with principles and law can be made on the spot (on flipchart paper)

In terms of space it depends a bit on how the venue looks like. We need one place for the market place with a semi-circle of chairs for all participants (or if too many, we make two concentric semi-circles). We will probably need about 8-10 breakout rooms, yet rooms don't need to be separate rooms but can be distinct spots in one large one (or a combination of both), where people can workshop together.

transport to hotel


Is it easy to arrange for taxis/shuttles at certain times? If shuttles, what capacity do they have? What costs are involved?

greening the event

Ideas include:

  • asking participants to bring their own mugs (could have this in registrant letters)
  • providing information on carbon offsetting (could have this in registrant letters)
  • recycling of materials (need to check with venue on existing facilities. If none, possibilities for special arrangements) JK
  • making documentation available electronically (downloadable, probably some on CD for those without immediate connectivity, or ready to put on stick)

selection process, decision support

prepare well, and meet on 5th of May to select and contact at present maybe 11-12 people who asked and qualify for funding

we will probably have to select depending on the cost per participants

Helvetas will try book the tickets, airfare is most

information to/about registrants

  • send final list of participants to Lucie for creation of wiki accounts
  • create spreadsheet from google spreadsheet for on-site registration process (RF)
  • compiling spreadsheet (from surveymonkey)(BC)
    - identify requests for funding support (note: not all who requested have filled out funding support questions!) 
    - highlight accommodation request information
  • extracting contact information (incl identifying anyone who does not want it shared)(BC)
  • self-funded participants
    - composing self-funded letter
    - composing rejection letter
    - managing liaison process
  • letters to sponsored participants (RF)
    - composing invitation letter
    - managing financial process
    - managing liaison process
    - support with visa request (letter should address financial support, return ticket details and number of days the workshop will last, etc.)


  • identify support person (hostel staff?) for connectivity (JK)
  • gather/prepare any special information (e.g., if wireless is password-protected)(JK)
  • would be good to have 1-2 dedicated computers for special use (JK)


  • emergency information (e.g., who to call in emergency, any facilities/contacts on-site)
  • identifying volunteers to work the registration table
  • liaising with Hostel (JK)(need to find out if balance can be paid on Day 1 after registration)