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This space is used to facilitate planning of the KM4Dev Annual Meeting 2007. It was originally proposed at the 2006 KM4Dev Annual Meeting that the 2007 meeting should take place in The Netherlands. Participants in the coordinating committee were initially those who expressed an interest in taking part in the organization of this meeting, but a few others have now joined.

We are also using a Dgroup for our organizing purposes [1].

Notes taken from the KM4Dev-2007 meeting November 24, 2006

KM4Dev-2007 meeting February 2, 2007

KM4Dev-2007 meeting March 6, 2007

KM4Dev-2007 meeting April 27, 2007


   * Lucie, Ewen and Camilo will work on the concept note / call for the event including
     criteria for the selection of the projects (also as to give people ideas).
   * Lucie and Camillo will arrange for setting up the Wiki.
   * Camilo and Maarten will investigate possibilities and prices for venues.
   * Maarten and Saskia will prepare some work on a self assessment method for KM-issues
    (based on the method mentioned in Learning to Fly).
   * Dorine will make a (financial) proposal and coordinate this aspect including the
     investigating the possibility to ask for a registration fee and the administration of
     these funds.

Objective of the workshop

Developing projects (e.g. Knowledge expeditions, research, writing papers, etc). The workshop would be a meeting point of these projects where people can share and develop together the projects

Involving Southern members

Southern participants should be involved through the projects. In earlier workshops, some Southern participants were sponsored by the event co-organizers (or donors). We have not always been able to have a fund to bring in Southern participation.
Another possibility would be to make a call for proposals and see if there is a demand for participation from the South. This would mean we have to design some very basic criteria for the selection of the projects. We could for example arrange a "call for projects" (similar to call for papers for conferences) and in that way gather some ideas.

Call for projects - Invitation

The idea would be to send a message to the KM4dev community with the request to do proposal about possible projects people could work on together during the workshop.

Ideas for projects

  1. KM Benchmarking
  2. Social bookmarking:
  3. Assessing a KS/IM self assessment
  4. Capacity Building and Training in Knowledge Sharing and Management: The Knowledge Expedition Approach
  5. Developing basic capacity development framework for KM4Dev: a complementary track to the Knowledge Expedition
  6. How to use web-networking tools in your digital library?
  7. Creating frameworks for knowledge management in pilot development projects
  8. Community in Business, exploring (self-)financing models for "communities" that use web2.0 tools
  9. A network of CoPs as main structure to develop and share knowledge in a bilateral development agency?
  10. Develop a wiki-based book/resource on wiki practices in development
  11. Hands-on experimentation with technologies for communities and networks and evaluate/recommend them for specific uses/users

Interested participants

See list on Information for Participants Page

Agenda, timing and venue

A basic issue of the KM4dev agendas always is the combination of the formal agenda and the informal and flexible parts were people can add things to the event. So we should try to keep the same scheme. All agree upon duration of 3 days and organising the event second or third week in June taking into account the Unesco-IHE meeting as to make it possible for Southern participants to attend to both meetings. The major Unesco-IHE event will be a three day symposium from 13-15 June entitled: 'Water in a changing world: Enhancing local knowledge and capacity.' The symposium aims to explore the future agenda for knowledge and capacity enhancement.
The idea of limiting the number of participants (to 40 or 60) was rejected. To choose a venue (boat or other) will thus depend on the interest for participation. This means an invitation should be sent out soon as to be able to find an appropriate venue. This might also mean that we probably will have to forget about the boat.
The main agenda would consist of two parts. A first part in which all would work on the projects and a second part in which new and unknown fields would be explored. We should include a possibility to work with web-based tools to have people from other places to participate in one activity of the workshop. This should be taken into account when looking for the venue.

Ideas for the "non-project" part of the agenda:

  • Monitoring/evaluation of KM and learning, still a big time request from many community members
  • Funding for learning: how to get donors to buy into learning/KM? For many of us, we're still at the frustrating stage of lip service without any financial support...
  • Multi stakeholder learning is still a very good one.
  • Appreciative enquiry sounds like a good topic to discuss
  • We could look at the discussion threads of the past months to see what triggers members and address hot issues?
  • and mixing a few innovative work forms could help us revisit even older topics if need be?

Financial aspects

Nearly all organisations involved probably will be able to support the event financially. Dorine will make a (financial) proposal and coordinate this aspect including the investigating the possibility to ask for a registration fee and the administration of these funds. This will also be done on the KM4dev Wiki.

  • Funding proposal [2]
  • Funding proposal - preliminary budget [3]
  • Knowledge Expeditions concept note (drafted by Simone Staiger)[4]