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In General

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Catherine Borgman-Arboleda's blog posts: Reflections - [5] Thoughts on Evaluating CoPs - [6]

KM4Dev Value Creation Framework Experiment

Agenda - day 1

Find agenda here -

Agenda - day 2

File:17-03-07 KM4Dev Seattle Day 2.docx

  • Groups help project member/s set aspirations/indicators for each value cycle |
  • Groups help project craft a value proposition – either for their boss/organization or for the recruitment of a member |
08:30 Opening
  • Recap previous day (social reporters)
  • Shout-outs from leadership groups, if they have any |
9:00 Story-telling
  • What difference in the world is your community/project going to have – or has had?
  • Getting to there from your CoP activities: crafting a convincing story line |
9:45 The value-creation framework
  • Brief presentation of the framework – with aspirations and indicators
  • Q&A and discussion |
11:00 Project groups
11:45 Crafting a value proposition
13:30 Role play the value proposition
  • Project member presents value proposition to skeptical boss or possible member; another team plays the boss or member
  • Debrief the role plays |
14:45 Review the framework based on role play
  • Briefly introduce the conditions/risks/assumptions extension of the framework
  • Teams back in project groups to reflect on their work
  • Final reflections in whole group |
15:30 Leadership group reflections

Leadership groups convene and reflect or prepare their outputs for the whole groups (on wiki) |

16:15 Leadership group report out

Each leadership group reports out and gets input/feedback from whole group |

17:00 Close

Value-creation framework: slides

File:17-04-07 KM4dev slides.pptx

Value-creation framework: guide for the cycles

File:16-08-03 Value-creation cycles guide.pdf

Save the Children Business Case Template

A number of you asked for me to share Save the Children's business case template. I have added this document below. I have included a few bullet points from a business case that my team has been working on so that you have a sense of what the content often looks like. File:SC Business Case.docx

Knowledge Innovation Network CoP Benchmarking Survey

I mentioned this document in a number of groups on Day 1. This survey and its findings have had a significant impact on how we, at Save the Children, are thinking about how to make our CoPs successful. File:CoP Benchmarking Report - using CoPs to improve individual and organisational performance, KIN 2006.pdf