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Where we are rethinking our plans for South Africa due to significant economic changes in the world: these are the summary and notes from the Skype calls relating to the South Africa event


A proposal for a 2009 event came out of the April 1, 2009 Core group call (meeting notes to be added soon). We discussed the following elements:

  1. Flesh out idea for event on wiki: we need to further elaborate the KM in sectors/development areas
  2. Go to community asap for feedback: we need to develop a survey covering different questions, including F2F and remote/regional offers that members may want to steward themselves, and also communicate to them that the South Africa workshop isn't going ahead
  3. Make a go/no go for Brussels by April 20: Lucie needs to get back to the venue by then


  • Send this link out to Core group: April 1
  • Flesh out the different parts: by April 7
  • Send to Core group again for vetting: April 8
  • Send email + survey to the community: April 10
  • Spreadsheet with survey results: April 15 or 17
  • Confirm (or not) with venue: April 20