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Welcome Email #1


We are very excited you are joining us July 29-31 for KM4Dev's Seattle gathering. We wanted to start sending out a few updates to let you know how the planning is going, and, more importantly, engage you in that planning. And we also wanted to let you know who "we" is - the KM4Dev volunteers who were passionate about having a meeting in the Americas - North and South! We are Natalie Campbell, Simone Staiger, Sophie Alvarez, Petr Kosina, Philipp Grunewald, Megan Zandstra, , Melissa Bator, Rae Shilen, Lucie Lamoureux and Nancy White.

We want to point you to the event wiki where we have shared some local tips, the overall agenda, information about the Poster Session (Submissions due by June 13) and other good stuff.

We plan to start the day with some activities to meet each other and find possible connections and intersecting interests. We'll engage through a World Cafe (rotating conversations) around a juicy question about the value of KM in International Development. Right now some emerging subthemes include monitoring and evaluation of KM, how to support others in adopting KM into their work, KM tools, and even the role of international networks such as ours in fostering KM across organizations. We expect this opening session to help us get to know who is in the room, and the topics we are most passionate about exploring deeply in the coming days. We will then move into Open Space where you drive the agenda and identify those passion filled topics. Some early ideas are emerging here: . We'll gather as a whole at the end of the day to weave ideas and reflect, then informally go out to eat in smaller groups.

Day 2 we'll continue our Open Space sessions -- with a chance to add ideas if something came up over night -- and finish the day with a harvest of learnings, ideas to take forward, and whatever else emerges.

Day three is a half day where we'll focus on KM4Dev itself as a community - an open community meeting that everyone is welcomed to participate in. Some of you may know KM4Dev well -- and for some of you, this may be your first point of contact. We'll be sharing more about the community in the coming weeks. If you haven't joined our DGroup email discussion group and our NING site (alas, yes, two registrations) we invite you to do so at

We plan to share out as much as we can, real time and via notes on the wiki so we can enrage with the wider community. We will also weave in some of the wonderful discussions that have been happening on the KM4Dev discussion/DGroup overall community email list.

If you are coming from out of town, we STRONGLY encourage you to book your hotel as soon as possible as the end of July is prime tourist season in Seattle. (Some ideas at the bottom of this page: If you want to set up meeting times with local organizations, we suggest Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

We are sharing who has registered so far just in this email at the bottom, but we'd also like to share it on the wiki. If you prefer that your name NOT be listed, please let nancy know -

If you have friends you'd like to invite, point them to the registration page!

And as always, please let us know if you have any questions.


Nancy and the conference team

Registered as of June Alberto Andretta Sophie Alvarez John Bakum Piers Bocock Natalie Campbell Sarah Crass Ese Emerhi Helen Gillman Renée Giroux nina hadley Ann Hendrix-Jenkins Peter Hobby Petr Kosina Lucie Lamoureux Nicole Lefore Fiona Macaulay Olivia Millard Linda Morris Debra Revere Beth Robinson Pete Shelton Nicole Silk Jessica Silverthorne Ralene Simmons Simone Staiger Tara Sullivan Megan Zandstra Jeremy Bailey Zachary Baquet Denise Beaulieu Lissette Bernal-Cruz Patrick Coonan Willow Gerber Philipp Grunewald Leia Isanhart-Balima Carolina Ravinskas Johannes Schunter Kristie Urich Michael Victor Nancy White

Welcome Email #2

Hi All

This is the second KM4Dev 2013 Seattle gathering update email. The previous emails can be found on the event blog here: We are up to 48 people registered, so if you know colleagues who want to join, tell them there are just 27 places left!

In this email we have two goals: 1) is to invite you to submit some bio information so we can "get to know" each other before the event (information will be shared) and 2)to point out an accommodation/ride sharing page on the wiki in case you are looking to share/economize.

1) Please fill out the following survey as soon as possible. - some of our volunteer team members will then facilitate sharing of information and we'll use it at our kick off.

2) Want to share accommodation? Share a ride from airport or driving from the region? Wiki page - this is a discussion page, so you will need to have a wiki account to post. If you are having any problems, please email me ( and I can help out.

I've been collecting information about happenings in Seattle around the KM4Dev meeting. If you want pointers, let me know.


Nancy for the volunteer team

Welcome Email #3

Hi all!

Two weeks from now we'll be gathering in Seattle for the KM4Dev 2013 gathering. This email has FOUR important messages, so please read down...

1. Sunday Evening: Interested in drinks/light meal/and walk to Olympic Sculpture Garden on Sunday July 28th? Looking to meet a few KM4Dev participants before Monday? Join us for drinks, food and a walk along the waterfront!

Starting point: The Innkeeper, Sunday, July 28, 5:30pm Drinks range from $4-9, snacks and meals from $2-15

We will be there, resting our travel-weary bones from about 5:307:30pm. Afterwards, we will walk down to the Olympic Sculpture Gardens (Open until 9pm, free)

Please RSVP to Megan Zandstra at, so that we know how many people to expect

Google map:

2. Are you coming from outside the US? If you are coming to the KM4dev Seattle workshop from a different country, please be aware of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This is a US government requirement for people from the Visa Waiver Program countries, i.e., member states of the European Union (except Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland and Romania), the member states of the EFTA, the microstates enclaved in the European-Union (except Vatican City), Brunei, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

The ESTA I-94W form needs to be filled out online by travelers arriving by air or sea, in advance of travel to the US (this form used to be paper-based and filled on arrival). The US government suggests filling it out 3 days in advance, though the approval usually takes only a couple of minutes. Please note that if it isn't done before in advance, you may be denied check-in. Also, a payment of US$14 is required to obtain the ESTA and can only be done using one of the major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover).

This means that if you wait until you are at the airport to fill out the form, please make sure you are equipped with a smartphone/tablet/laptop and a credit card!

To fill it in advance, here is the link to the I-94W online form:

For more information about ESTA:

3. Reminder, Participant Survey! Please fill out the following survey as soon as possible. - some of our volunteer team members will then facilitate sharing of information and we'll use it at our kick off.

4. Open Space Ideas on the wiki! If you are interested in leading an Open Space session, please let us know here to help us all start thinking about juicy topics - you can also offer a session(s) on the spot in Seattle without prior notice. You can request a wiki account here We remind you that there will be no PowerPoint facilities and the spirit of the gathering is participation vs straight "presentation." All in the spirit of knowledge sharing and learning. So plan accordingly!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm REALLY excited! I've pasted in the participant list below.

Thanks again for coming to Seattle

Nancy White for the organizing volunteers

Participants Registered as of July 14 John Akude German Development Institute Cologne,

Sophie Alvarez CIAT

Alberto Andretta Catholic Relief Services North Bethesda, MD

Jeremy Bailey World Vision International Washington, DC

John Bakum Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Zachary Baquet USAID Bureau for Food Security beltsville, MD

Denise Beaulieu Consultation MD Beaulieu Gatineau, QC

Lissette Bernal-Cruz The Rockefeller Foundation New York, NY

Piers Bocock CGIAR Consortium Takoma Park, MD

Katie Bucien The Nature Conservancy Washington, DC

Natalie Campbell MSH

Abby Clobridge Clobridge Consulting Durham, NC

Patrick Coonan CORE Group/FSN Network Washington, DC

Daniel Cooney Center for International Forestry Research San Mateo, CA

Sarah Crass World Vision International Federal Way, WA

Anna Curtner Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada Ottawa, ON

Michael Dougherty Consultant Seattle, WA

Ese Emerhi World Bank Institute Washington, DC

Paolo Ficarelli Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA

Janique Francis The Nature Conservancy Arlington, VA

Patricia Garcia Training Resources Group - TRG Arlington, VA

Norma Garza World Bank Institute Washington, DC

Willow Gerber MSH Bethesda, MD

Helen Gillman International Fund for Agricultural Development Rome,

Renée Giroux FCM Ottawa, ON

Philipp Grunewald Loughborough University

nina hadley the nature conservancy seattle, WA

Ann Hendrix-Jenkins JHU CCP K4Health Baltimore, MD

Peter Hobby MSH

Leia Isanhart-Balima Catholic Relief Services Baltimore, MD

Petr Kosina Consultant / CIMMYT

Lucie Lamoureux KM4D Associates

Nicole Lefore IWMI/CGIAR Milton-Freewater, OR

Jessica Lustbader Fintrac Armonk, NY

Grace M Brooklyn, NY

Fiona Macaulay Making Cents International Washington , DC

Aimee Maron ICAA / International Resources Group Tolland, CT

Olivia Millard The Nature Conservancy Santa Cruz, CA

Linda Morris American Association for Adult & Continuing Modest Town, VA

Jacques Nadeau FCM Ottawa, ON

Carolina Ravinskas Cardno Emerging Markets USA Arlington, VA

Debra Revere Univ of Washington Seattle, WA

Beth Robinson Futures Group/Health Policy Project Chapel Hill, NC

Jan Willem Rosenboom Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA

Sarah Schmidt MSH Cambridge, MA

Johannes Schunter UNDP Astoria, NY

Pete Shelton IFPRI Washington, DC

Nicole Silk The Nature Conservancy boulder, CO

Jessica Silverthorne Catholic Relief Services Seattle, WA

Ralene Simmons Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA

Judy Spunt BMGF seattle , WA

Simone Staiger CIAT Cali,

Tara Sullivan JHU CCP K4Health Baltimore, MD

Sophie Treinen FAO Rome,

Kristie Urich World Vision International Federal Way, WA

Los Angeles, CA Nancy White Full Circle Associates

Amanda Wrona Meadows The Nature Conservancy Savannah, GA

Megan Zandstra CIAT

Welcome Email #4

Hi all!

KM4Dev2013 is just a week away. It has been exciting to get last minute travel updates from our colleagues from far and wide, and to see who is coming from the Seattle area. It is exciting to see people from various domains of international development: ag, water, emergency response, health, education and more! I think there will be many lovely interesting interest intersections!

This last email offers a few pointers and reminders:

  • If you haven't yet done the participant survey, please do it TODAY here and see the emerging results here - We plan to make a print out for all the results received by close of business today, July 22nd. Of course, the online option will be available through the event! We are finding it very interesting to see what people know and want to learn!
  • Reminder about the Sunday evening pub gathering and walk to the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture park - Starting point: The Innkeeper, Sunday, July 28, 5:30pm, . Drinks range from $4-9, snacks and meals from $2-15. We will be there, resting our travel-weary bones from about 5:307:30pm. Afterwards, we will walk down to the Olympic Sculpture Gardens (Open until 9pm, free). Please RSVP to Megan Zandstra at, so that we know how many people to expect. Google map:
  • For our out of town friends, we have been enjoying lovely weather here, cloudy mornings, sunny days, cool nights for nice sleeping. Do bring a sweater or jacket for the evenings and early mornings, and your sunglasses for the rest!

Any other questions? Please let nancyw at fullcirc dot com know!

See you in a week!

The Seattle Team