KM4Dev-2007 meeting March 6, 2007

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Agenda and notes from the call

Participants: Camilo, Dorine, Simone and Lucie

1) Moving forward with the funding proposal and administration

  • Decision: we won't integrate the Knowledge Expedition proposal within the existing funding proposal. It was decided to keep it separate, as it wouldn't be fair to other projects which are being proposed are not getting funding
  • Action: Simone to contact Allison and continue working on KE proposal and will send to the group once revised
  • Action: Dorine to complete figures in the budget and add "sightseeing event" and "unforeseen" budget lines - will send to list by Mon March 12 for comment
  • Action: Dorine to contact Maarten re. budget (remaining questions on figures) and administration (ETC and IICO sharing the admin function)
  • We aim to have the proposal finalized by Wed March 14 to start circulating to potential donors

2) Ideas for rest of the programme

  • Lucie suggested having the workshop theme be collaboration or "working together" (i.e. continuing the project WORKshop idea into the rest of the programme)
  • Simone suggested a bit more theory this time, wants to learn something new
  • Camilo said it should be a mix of learning and interactive sessions
  • Action: Camilo to draft a preliminary programme for review and send to the group by Wed March 14
    • I don't know if there is budget, but if he is available, we might invite Etienne Wenger to talk about the new communities and technology work. Although I am a partner in the work, Etienne is a master and expressing it.
    • A workshop on social network analysis?

3) Reviewing sent projects

  • Decision: we don't drop any of the projects, unless the proposers pull out but we need more info on most of them (only 3 people filled in the "form")
  • Decision: no second track for the workshop, participants can join any of the projects on offer, or can move around "Open Space-style"
  • Action: Lucie to contact all project proposers to ask for more information and clarify expectations on Wed March 7 - give them until Wed March 14
  • Action: Lucie to remove Camilo's project and add his name to KE
  • The aim is to send out a second announcement, including the list of projects and the draft programme, to KM4Dev by Wed March 21 at the latest
  • Action: Lucie to draft announcement text.

4) Date for a F-2-F meeting

  • As Maarten suggested, it would be good to have a face-to-face meeting for next steps
  • Lucie will be in Den Haag on March 21 and can stay until the 22
  • The proposal is to hold it at ICCO on Thurs March 22 at 10AM(n.b.: the meeting is now fixed for March 21, at the borrel)
  • Action: Lucie to contact Maarten to see if this is possible (and if he is available)