KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 9 May 2011

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Present: Denise, Ewen, Ivan, Sarah

Skype call, 9 May 2011. Minutes taken by ELB / IK

1. T&F update == Key message: T&F are preparing a proposal for the collaboration over the next three years. It is expected in the second part of May. It is expected to be cheaper than the previous agreement, as we have asked for free subscribers to have only the online access (as opposed to sending out of 400 printed copies).

Other T&F updates: - Subs. num,bers are still quite pitiful - Short discussion on pros and cons of working with T&F. On the positive side, it is a professional platform that does a lot of work on our behalf; on the down side it is expensive, given the market is still underdeveloped. - Falling back to the Open Journal system is not viewed as a viable option before we further explore the T&F route. - Alternatives: we had an initial chat with the Palgrave. To be follow up if the T&F option does not work out. - Part of the contract with T&F is that after 1 year the copies can go online. All copies from 2009 and most of 2010 could already go online. Somebody has to PDF them and put metadata (did we agree on an action point here?)

2. Funding for KM4D journal Key message: We are working on three tracks. First path is IKM-2 funding; second is raising institutional funding (a la USAid); third is creating market opportunity for the journal.

Current funding situation: - Funding right now comes from IKM-Emergent, a little bit from USAID and (EADI?) - At the moment, the money that would be left over (right now 12.000 eur / year – 6000 EUR left over to fund next phase) - IKM2 proposal not near submitting yet, Sarah will keep us in the loop. If IKM-2 gets funded it would offer an alternative - Other possible (minor?) funders: USAID and HIVOS. USAID: 3-year funding support, HIVOS: 1 year – we can safely expect them to continue What does it take to keep getting funding? —> Unclear as is and probably they are irritated by lack of professionalism e.g. the subscriptions of the journal are on SurveyMonkey - If subscriptions go up we get royalties

Actions: - Ivan + Denise to come up with draft ideas for how to market the journal to get subscriptions to go up (deadline: mid-June) + get feedback from Sarah’s experience with this (lot of material such as funding plans on Dgroups already) - Ewen to contact core group for possible funding on KM4D journal - Sarah to contact and HIVOS for options to follow up on funding - Sarah to share around the format for telling institutional sponsors about the journal.

3. Working as a team and following up - Difficult to keep track and follow up so would be good to have a conversation monthly or two-monthly. Probably good on a monthly basis at the beginning (we can reduce the rhythm later) - Platform: try Basecamp for a month.

Actions: - Ivan to set up access to ECDPM Basecamp account

4. Progress with upcoming issues? - The May issue (KM and innovation): almost finished and has all guest editors editing papers etc. Ready in the next couple of weeks. - The September issue is done together with USAID’s KM impact challenge – they should come back to us with more info. They have 42 case studies to share and the synthesis paper they will writte should be interesting - December is a francophone issue and perhaps we could pay for English summaries of all articles (Teresa Stanton?). Guest editors are on the case, with Ewen acting as a liaison. - First issue of 2012: KM in climate change, with Pete Cranston leading this. PC to be looking for guest editors soon - Other two 2012 issues are not commited yet. The approach taken is to have one of the two remaining 2012 issues left as open. For the other issue, Sarah is checking on a conference in Namibia on indigenous knowledge

ACTIONS: - Sarah to check December 2010 issue (is it about the translations?) - IK to assist Sarah with USAid issue (liaising, agreeing the format, assisting the USAid team when needed, etc).

5. Other introductory info - How much in advance are you planning the 2012 issues? - Perhaps interesting to think about social network leverage to get KM4Dev journal work going. Denise to give input when working with Ivan on the marketing strategy.

ACTION: For all of us to contact authors and get their agreement to publish past articles!