KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 4 April 2013

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Present: Jean, Ewen (in parts), Lucie, Sarah

1) welcome Jean! bienvenue! Jean Mège: Merci

  • Action point: announce Jean's appointment to Ed Borard - LL
  • Action point: SC to put Jean on all Dgroups
  • Action point: LL to look up OJS admin in old emails for Super admin
  • Action point: SC to ask T&F for older issues

2 a) Forthcoming issues: May 2013

  • one of papers still being reviewed this week
  • Action point: ask DS to find out what is going on, talk to Pete and Carl
  • Revised action point: SC to contact Pete and Carl

2 b) Forthcoming issues: September 2013

  • knowledge integration, SC is point-person, new Dgroup to give submission

2 c) Forthcoming issue: Dec 2013

  • ELB point-person on multi-stakeholder processes

2 d) Forthcoming issues:

  • May 2014: LA and LAC issue, DS point-person, Kemly as editor
  • Sept or Dec 2014: Africa-focused issue. Jean can help with it

2 e) Ewen's info on forthcoming issues:

  • Climate Change issue (May 2013): almost finalised - final article to review. Carl has drafted the editorial and Peter Ballantyne is preparing a preface
  • December issue (facilitating multi-stakeholder processes) is being coordinated well. Already 4 abstracts + ideas for up to 9 other abstracts. Most likely half will come through – should have 4 more or less
  • Idea to have an African issue (from the Africa community week) + an experience article from the African community week?

3) Editing of the May issue - done Pending on Ivan (final article review in his hands) - Action: Denise to get in touch with Carl and Pete (and Ivan) to get this issue finalised.

4) Current OJS website options: mutlilingual interface? people able to submit papers - do we want that?

  • We're all managers on the OAJ system
  • Action point: SC to contact OJS to find out how to deal with super admin and if they back up content
  • SC to contact Sarah Kerr as well
  • Action point: plan a time for SC to take us through the OJS
  • Action point: everyone to go have a look at the system
  • Next team meeting: we discuss how this system works - and perhaps go through the entire process for papers
  • Action point: SC to create account for Jean

5) Old website and contact with T&F

  • ACTION: Sarah and Denise to share a bit of process documentation - what they have done about it recently (short update)
  • A user guide will be generated by Sarah and Denise
  • Action point: SC to contact T&F to close Manuscript Central down (Apr 10) and ask for author copies
  • Extra copies from T&F will be shared with us

6) Contact with Editorial Board

  • Board have been informed about the transition to the Open Access system and about Jean's inclusion in the editorial team
  • Action point: SC to announce Jean coming on board to Ed Board

7) other items

a) *Action point: Jean to get involved in the Africa issue

  • Action Point: Jean to look at the translation in French for the OJS
  • Action point: bring team meetings to 4pm CET

b) Where do we document these team discussions - on the wiki? yes:

  • Action point: put theses notes in wiki (LL to do)

c)*ELB to review board guidelines and set up survey to get ideas on how to improve the journal Other pending points on ELB's list of to-do's (to address at next meeting, running short of time this time around):

  • Contacting editorial board members?
  • Guidelines for the journal - have been reviewed but where to put them?

d) What about other people who said they would be happy to help? ACTION: Sarah to contact volunteers to join the editorial board and to put their names on the wiki page of the journal

e) Moving all issues to the OASJ or other platform?

  • Where should we put all the past issues? All issues until 2009 are already there and we'll get all T&F issues soon.
  • Then we wait for T&F copies/issues to be free to the OAJS

f) Make sure we have our monthly meetings – rotation among ourselves per quarter to make it happen (to coordinate the meetings, announce them a few days ahead of the meeting, coordinate the agenda (seek inputs from others), check that people have acted upon their action points and ensure the meetings are well documented)?

  • Action: Sarah to do it for May & June and organise the next meetings.
  • ACtion: Ewen to do it for July, August and September

g)KM4Dev textbook - what are important issues?

  • Action: Sarah will share proposal with us about this