KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 30 May 2012

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Present: Denise, Lucie, Sarah

KM4Dev Journal talk May 30th, 3 PM

Objective: Have a focused funding discussion

Sarah introduces the funding status. So far it has been difficult to find a Publisher. Some have come in response for individual issues. In original days in 2009 with T&F we negotiated and looked like they would give open access but in the last minute they said that we could only place a repository a year after publication. We had a long discussion with the editorial board and decided this was the way to go, and that eventually the Journal was to become self supported with subscriptions and that we eventually would go open access. This goes for Issues 5, 6 and 7.

Open access discussion: We all agree that open access is important, but processing information is not free (with references to Ewen´s email). Sarah: So while we should do everything to go open access, I would not want to come to the situation when the Journal would just come irregularly because there was different people behind doing proofreading, etc. When we did that before it took a lot of time and effort, also to get sponsors per issue. I´d prefer to have a proper publisher, such as to keep T&F and talk about open access with them. For every article it took them EUR1.200. If they can´t come up with a good deal we may ask around to other publishers. ^[It is good to have guest editors, but if you got the editor reading the articles in addition to us then it wouldn’t be a problem, the model has proved to work.(?)]NOT SURE GOT IT RIGHT.

Conclusion: We are for negotiating for open access, but with a publisher that can take on the editing, proofreading, professional publishing work. For that we need funding.

Funding discussion: We have IKM and USAID funds. If we tie it to open access they would be sympathetic. From now on IKM would not be able to fund, but would USAID? Is it a bit tricky to ask as the September issue from last year is just coming up now?

Marketing discussion: Denise briefly summarizes discussion with Ivan on marketing, including doing a Journal´s SWOT analysis taking into account the target audience, and developing a social media strategy .

TO DO: - Lucie to ask Stacy from USAID of future funding. Sarah to send her copy of the USAID training grants. - Sarah to talk to T&F and see what they come up with. Depending on responses, then write to other publishers we can think of. - Talk to Josine and say that we definitive would go for open access.