KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 2 May 2013

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Present: Denise, Ewen, Ivan, Jean, Lucie, Sarah


  • Action points from last time
  • Next issues
  • How does the OAJS work (demo?)
  • Missing bits of information on the OAJS
  • Editorial board
    • Contacting editorial board members?
    • Guidelines for the journal - have been reviewed but where to put them?

About action points from last time

  • Action point: announce on KM4Dev Jean's appointment to Ed Board - LL - DONE
  • Action point: SC to put Jean on all Dgroups - DONE
  • Action point: LL to look up OJS admin in old emails for Super admin - There was a discussion, Sarah Kerr was reached and we said that Kevin McCann would be the super-admin. Not heard from him. Sarah Kerr shared name of Greennet person. SC to contact OJS to find out how to deal with super admin and if they back up content. SC to contact Sarah Kerr as well.
  • Action point: SC to ask T&F for older issues
  • Action point: ask DS to find out what is going on, talk to Pete and Carl - DONE
  • Revised action point: SC to contact Pete and Carl - DONE
  • Action: Denise to get in touch with Carl and Pete (and Ivan) to get this issue finalised - DONE
  • Action point: plan a time for SC to take us through the OJS - DONE
  • Action point: everyone to go have a look at the system - DONE
  • Action point: SC to create account for Jean - DONE and Jean couldn't get on. Jean has to go on and ask for a new password. SC to tell him that.
  • ACTION: Sarah and Denise to share a bit of process documentation - what they have done about it recently (short update). Translation done by Denise. SC has gone through various user guides.
  • Action point: SC to contact T&F to close Manuscript Central down (Apr 10) and ask for author copies - DONE but SC needs to remind T&F about copies
  • Action point: SC to announce Jean coming on board to Ed Board - DONE on Dgroup
  • Action Point: Jean to look at the translation in French for the OJS
  • Action point: bring team meetings to 4pm CET - DONE
  • Action point: put theses notes in wiki (LL to do) - DONE
  • Action point: ELB to review board guidelines and set up survey to get ideas on how to improve the journal
  • ACTION: Sarah to contact volunteers to join the editorial board and to put their names on the wiki page of the journal
  • Action: Sarah to do it for May & June and organise the next meetings. - DONE
  • Action: Ewen to do it for July, August and September - DONE
  • Action: Sarah will share proposal with us about a KM4Dev textbook

Next issues

Issue 9.1 (Climate Change)

Waiting for one article to be edited. 2 articles ready to go and 3 almost done with editing + one pending + one by Ivan. Preface ready and draft editorial. Contents almost there. Deadline: within next week all contents should be ready. Once contents uploaded etc. we send an email to KM4Dev about the new issue being ready and to the authors to inform them that it's online. In this case the editorial team could take care of that.

ACTION: Ivan to review article.

ACTION: Denise to share articles with Sarah for Sarah to edit them and upload them on the content website (the week after next or the week thereafter).

ACTION: Denise to inform Pete and Carl about what happens with dissemination.

Issue 9.2 (transdisciplinary collaboration)

16 submissions, taken care of by Ivan when on holiday, using a Google spreadsheet. Not rejected any of them. This doesn't necessarily look very professional. At any rate we won't delay other issues. Contributions are very interesting. One contribution from a Southern author. Deadline for paper submission: 15 July.

Issue 9.3 (facilitating multi-stakeholder processes)

23 abstract submissions, 17 invited for full papers. This is following the double-blind process. Deadline for paper submission: 15 July.

Spanish issue

Denise working with Kemly for 2014 issue. Kemly identified 7 people to help (perhaps as double-blind but not necessary). What is the preferred option? Set up a different Dgroup or use the common one?

ACTION: Denise will check with Kemly about this option and when timetable is clearer they decide.

An option could be to develop sub-groups.

ACTION: Denise to put the link to the September issue on the KM4D journal Dgroup directory.

African issue

Not clear who's leading this. Jean interested.

About the OAJS, how it works and information that is missing

We need to add to the OAJS:

  • Acceptance and rejection letters for abstracts
  • Acceptance and rejection letters for papers
  • Process information to help guest editors about the process to follow

What would be great to develop (Denise, Sarah)

  • Develop guidelines (handbook)
  • Develop a critical 'checklist' of steps to follow as guest editors
  • What have you done to tweak it?
  • Where there are gaps?

We have to make sure that we don't overlook some crucial steps and mess things up - but this should be addressed by the checklist.

About editorial board, guidelines etc.

    • Contacting editorial board members?
    • Guidelines for the journal - have been reviewed but where to put them?
    • Survey using what credentials? - Lucie's perhaps... Free account works with 15 types of questions, 10 questions and 100 answers

Next meeting (6 June, 4-5pm CET)

Organised by Sarah and focusing on:

  • Pending action points from this meeting
  • Editorial board members guidelines and survey
  • More on OAJS?