KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 29 September 2011

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Present: Ewen, ??

1. T&F contract: Contract ending end of this year and we need to give our (stop) notice. WE WANT TO DO THIS. Palgrave could be an alternative publisher.

Perhaps an idea could be to talk as various editors of various journals to see about Open Access options (even though this means it might imply that a lot of work is done in unprofessional ways again and Mike Powell thinks this might not be the best option forward but it’s worth exploring).

African publisher discussion – to postpone. If this is only a token gesture and we do not have African editors steer this work it’s possibly not worth it and not really ethical. And it seems there isn’t a very reliable (consistent) African publisher around.

2. Marketing plan Ivan still interested in developing marketing plan – SC: yes very much interesting! Also to look into sales for organisations.

3. Types of articles, publishing guidelines etc. Denise interested in re-thinking the format/type of articles etc. Summarising threads in the journal more often (involving Charles Dhewa) would be great too.

4. Board memberships: Board members: Jean Mège will join. December issue: add John Smith’s article.

Editorial Board: WHO SHOULD GO AWAY - Chris Bailey - Karen Delgardiello - Dina al Halabi - Hassan Kaya - Ron Kim - Hebron Wagelingen - Dorothy Otieno - Giulio Quaggiotto - Rohit Swamy - Kaye - Judith Veldhuizen We should contact all of the active ones again to renew their commitment;

New people (to invite): - Jean Mège (confirmed) - Deborah Eade - Stacey Young - Kemly Camacho - Abdou Fall? - Olivier Sagna / sb from CODESRIA?

TO DO: - Send an email to the KM4DJournal to look into experiences with open-access journals and with experiences of others + seeking negotiation with other dev orgs trying to find a good deal with publishers – SC to draft. - Approach list of publishers – Palgrave, Blackwells. - Sarah to share list of publishers and approach publishers? - Ivan to work on the marketing plan with Denise – and share a draft plan (end of October); - Denise to work on article types with Ewen (end of November). - Ewen to work on an overview of articles that have been published – by end of November; - Ewen to send ultimatum type of message to Ivan and Lucie and them to follow up; - All to contact authors by end October and by mid-November Sarah will have sent an email to T&F confirming that we can publish old articles on their DB. - Next meeting: talk about guidelines of editorial board members; - Sarah to add Jean Mège to editorial Board;