KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 14 March 2012

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Present: Denise, Ewen, Ivan, Sarah


7.2 Francophone issue == Ewen is having the final check tomorrow. Schedule: mid-April publishing. Next steps with the co-editors will be to focus on the issue promotion.

7.3 Indigenous knowledge == 5 papers + FAO article + community note about the field trip.

8.1 USAid == Articles are in the internal edit phase within the USAid. Should be ready by the end of the month.

September 2012 issue == Open issue == > we should start chasing for the articles. Timeline: They should be ready for the end of the June. This means that the first drafts should be ready by the of April.

Initial ideas: – Knowledge Bank (Nadia) – EFSA: why uniting KM and HR, with the idea of “doing the KM only through learning” (IK to follow up with Alessia Vecchio, Human Capital & Knowledge Management Unit, Head of Unit) – ECDPM Google Apps transitioning (IK) – ILRI knowledge work (Ewen) : social media guide for promoting African knowledge on cliamte change adaptation. (SM with an African twist). – Adrian Walter: data interpretation for evidence-based policy making (Denise to follow up)

December 2012 issue == Climate change. Peter Cranston and Carl Jackson are the guest editors.

2. 2013 PLANNING == - The first issue should be non-thematic - The second issue: IFAD grants — One issue to focus on “facilitating networks in the international development”.

3. PUTTING THE JOURNAL ARTICLES IN WIKI PAEGS == - 5.1 and 5.2 are done - Still to upload: 5.3 (Denise), 6.1 (Ewen), 6.2 (Ivan), 6.3 (Lucie) - Sarah to send the article and quick description of the job. Deadline: mid-April

- Idea for the promotion of the wiki with the issues: put the URL in the signatures

4. MARKETING PLAN == Denise and Ivan to reschedule a chat and agree on how to move on.

5. EDITORIAL BOARD + GUIDELINES == - Sarah and Ewen to follow up. - Sarah to send the link to the current guidelines. - Some new members on the editorial board: Nicola ?, Debra ?, - Cleaning the list from the inactive board members. Sarah should have a look and suggest the names to remove - Next meeting to focus on the editorial board

6. FUNDRAISING == - Have a focused discussion in two months

7. ANALYSIS OF THE KM4DEV ARTICLES == Ewen made a list of all the articles available on the Basecamp. This is an overview, the idea is to have a small analysis and reflect on the type of the content we are producing.

Initial observations: we have predominance of papers and case studies. We could invite more people to produce community notes.

This is related to the production of crisp guidelines on different article types for the authors. Ewen and Denise to take the lead.

Additional ideas for the differentiation in terms of typology:

- Resource collection (from delicious?) - Blog post of the month - Cross fire: authors talking different stances - Portrait of the person working in the field.

8. OTHER PEOPLE ON THE EDITORIAL TEAM? == Kemley Kamacho expressed the desire to join the group.. Ewen vetos it for now, as she needs to focus on the KM M&E work :-).