KM4D Journal - Minutes of editors' meeting of 11 July 2016

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Agenda 11 July 2016 16.00-17.00 Present: Riff Fullan, Lucie Lamoureux, Denise Senmartin, Sarah Cummings (Notes) Absent: Ewen Leborgne, Ivan Kulis

Agenda points: - Introductions - What the core group is up to (Riff) - Synergies between journal and core group; - News on forthcoming issues: futures (Ivan); disability issues: September and December 2016 (Sarah); and open data: May 2017 (Denise); and 5) -AOB

Introductions Riff welcomed to the team as representative of Core Group.

What core group is up to and possible synergies RF: Core Group is on auto-pilot mode, has not met F2F recently (last KM4Dev meeting was in 2013) and puts energy into facilitating the list. Current issues being discussed: a) The K4D Austria group is going to present award to KM4Dev and this might be an opportunity for the KM4Dev community to meet in Vienna over the 12-15 October period. SC: This is also linked to the initiative on the Knowledge Development Goals published in the December 2015 issue of the journal SC is also talking to the K4D Austria group and they are very flexible and want to encourage participation of KM4Dev. LL: Christina Merl would be a good contact person if KM4Dev needs to organise an additional venue. b) Melissa Bator – member of the Core Group – is about to launch a survey related to her PhD research. c) DS: Possibly a KM4Dev F2F meeting in Latin America – she is talking to Camilo Villa about this. Denise will keep us informed about this.

Current issues

a) Futures issue (IK) May 2016 Ivan sent the following mail about this before the meeting: [Start of e-mail message] Dear all, I checked on the status of various articles and I have summarised it in a spreadsheet: I use a traffic light system -- green, orange and red -- to signal the status. There are many "orange" articles, which means that some work is still needed. However, "orange" can mean many things, so here is a more structured overview.

  • 1 article ready: Feinstein
  • 2 articles have to incorporate peer review:

- one had significant feedback and in February asked for 2-3 months to revise it (Vaca). I have contacted the authors to check whether they still need such extensive time to integrate the comments - one had minor comments (Arno)

  • 2 articles ready with the first draft but not submitted: Pete and Sara Holz.
  • 1 article delayed: due to health reason, Helen and Jurgen had to delay their article. I checked and they could finish it by September.
  • 2 articles not considered any more: Paola Brambilla (not with IDS any more), Sarah
  • 2 articles "lost track": Camillo Villa and Sebastiao Ferreira. I tried to get in touch with them, but I am not optimistic about them

To sum up: we have 6 articles in the pipeline: one ready; four in the stage of the first draft and/or peer review; one delayed. As I can not join the call today (I am on leave), here is my proposal for the way forward. i. My view is that we should focus on publishing in late September. This would give me time to do the peer review and to the authors to integrate the comments. I proposed to the authors that need the peer review to do it myself in order to speed the process. ii. If you agree, I would be happy to continue managing the process -- I see this part of my previous commitment that I'd like to finalise. But if you prefer to take over, don't hesitate to let me know! Let me know how this would work for you. Wishing you a productive call today! [End of e-mail message] Editorial team decisions: - IK can finish working on this issue Action Point: LL to liaise with him during this process.

b) Disability and knowledge (SC) – September and May 2016 - The issues (September and December) are going well - Charlotte Scarf is looking forward to joining the editorial team when she has finished the issues.

c) Open data (DS) May 2017

- DS had skype meeting with CIAT team last week, it’s going well - Working on Call for Papers to be circulated end of August (SC would like to see beforehand) - Working at making the libraries focus more appealing to whole KM4Dev

d) CoP issues (LL/RF) September 2017 - New - RF and LL to work on this issue together - DS would be interested to work on the multilingual aspect of this - Call for Papers after the summer - Possible CoP session at K4D meeting Austria

Next meeting to be held between 5-9 September which looks to be when everyone is available. SC to send invite for Monday 5 September.