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Note: This space is for drafting an invitation note that can be forwarded to lists and/or representatives of other communities.

Draft Invitation

Dear ,

We would like to invite you to consider having one or several members of your community act as 'ambassadors' at the upcoming KM4Dev (Knowledge Management for Development) 2008 workshop in Almada (near Lisbon), Portugal, 18-21 June. Part of our meeting is aimed at networking with other communities, so the idea would be to have someone from your community to share information on what you do and how you do it, as well as take back to your community what she/he/they learn from their participation.

We are hope that by having someone play this role at the KM4Dev meeting, your community will benefit in a variety of ways (e.g. from additional insights/perspectives on community/network management, increased interest and potential new membership generated from the event, information on various tools, techniques and processes to strengthen networks/communities, etc.).

More information on the workshop agenda as it evolves can be found here, but in a nutshell, the KM4Dev meetings - which take place on an annual basis - are organised by members of the international KM4Dev Community of Practice and are designed as spaces to collaboratively explore different thematic areas which are of current interest to community members. A major emphasis at all KM4Dev meetings is practical application, not just theoretical discussion.

A sample of topics suggested for this year's meeting includes:

KM and measuring impact Role of Social networking technology in KM Complexity in KM for Dev

A number of other topics have also been raised. At the event itself, we will be using the Open Space methodology to support participants' building of the agenda to suit their collective needs.

A number of existing communities, such as yours, work in areas that we believe are also of interest to the KM4Dev community. Likewise, we believe KM4Dev issues would be of interest to you. We would therefore like to explore - in a very informal way - possible synergies, areas of mutual interest, potential for collaboration, etc., all without any obligation on either side and with the shared goal of learning more about our respective communities and the work we do.

We have set aside a block of time in the afternoon of 18 June for networking. We plan to have representatives of several communities in addition to KM4Dev participating and sharing information about each other. There is no intention to push for a specific output other than to have created a space for dialogue, but we are keen to support such things as: opportunities for increased social capital of members spanning communities; mutual awareness of future thematic and structural plans; ideas for joint actions between members or groups of members spanning communities.

Interested? If so, please contact Riff Fullan <> for information on registration for the event. There is no fee for the meeting, but participants will be expected to fund their own travel, accommodation and meals.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The KM4Dev 2008 Organizing Committee