How to Make a FAQ

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I will start making this -- feel free to add your suggestions, steps, ideas. There is no "right answer" here!

1. Create an account on the KM4Dev wiki or log in (upper right hand side of any wiki page)

2. Go to the FAQ Index and click on the "edit" page. In the sub section 'FAQs in Process" create a new page by typing in your FAQ title surrounded by two square brackets on each end [[ and on the other end, the brackets facing in the other direction. Click "save page"

3. Go to the FAQ Template template page, hit edit, then copy the template page

4. Go to your new page and copy in the template

5. Replace the "place holder" text in the template with your FAQ language. If your FAQ doesn't totally fit the template, leave sections blank. Add new sections if that is useful.

6. Let the KM4Dev community know about the new FAQ by posting a note to the list with the URL.