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This page will show you how to approve new accounts on this wiki. For information about how to create new accounts, see the specific guidelines.

Only users in the "bureaucrat" group can review and approve new accounts. For more information about becoming a moderator on this wiki, email Lucie Lamoureux at llamoureux AT (replace ' AT ' by '@').

Confirming new accounts

Accounts' creation on this wiki is handled by a dedicated extension called Confirm Account. This is what the extensions does in brief:

The ConfirmAccount extension disables direct account creation and requires submission and approval of accounts by bureaucrats. Account creations can be enabled through configuring user rights, such as if you wanted Sysops/Bureaucrats to be able to directly make them.

Each time a new account request gets submitted, users in the bureaucrat group will see this line showing up in the top-right corner of each wiki page:

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 1.png

Clicking on "account request" will open a special page from where you will be able to monitor and review account requests:

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 2.png

If you click on "open requests", you will get to the list of pending account requests. This is the detail of one of the items in the list:

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 3.png

Clicking on "Review" will open a page with all the details about the account request (email, username and if available a message from the new user):

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 4.png

At the bottom of the page, there will be buttons for accepting/rejecting the request:

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 5.png

Email notifications for new account requests (with confirmed email)

Moderators can choose to receive an email each time a new user has requested an account and confirmed the email address indicated in the registration process.

This is how the email will look like:

Screenshot ConfirmAccount Guidelines 6.png

Clicking on the link will get you to the special page for approving new accounts. From there on you can go through the process described above.