Editor Skype call: March 16 2015

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May 2015 Facilitation Issue Skype call: Blane (Chair),Simone, Philipp, Pete and Lucie

1. Status of submissions and next steps
2. Editorial introduction
3. Misc.

1. Status of submissions and next steps:

  • Problem: can't find submissions in the OJS system!
  • Went through overview Google doc 2 articles not in yet out of 9
  • New column “P” in Overview spreadsheet: "Status (as of March 16)"
  • We have to check and get back to authors re. formatting and bios which are needed for all, then it goes to Sarah and Ewen (for formatting guidelines see http://wiki.km4dev.org/Editor_Handbook_%27%27%27ENGLISH%27%27%27)
  • Final deadline for authors: March 30 (FAO deadline 20 March)
  • Need to know where they are in the system / how to put them into the system
  • ACTION: Editors liaise with co-reviewers and get back to authors re. final revisions asap
  • ACTION: Need to ask Sarah or Ewen to put in articles (or how to)

2. Editorial introduction

  • Work on the editorial intro in the Google doc, call for paper has material
  • ACTION: Ask Ewen if he wants to continue to coordinate drafting of editorial
  • Other editors' availability/interest re. editorial:
    • Simone: on leave starting Thursday for 2 weeks
    • Blane: can write if others review
    • Philipp, Pete and Lucie: can contribute and review
  • ACTION: Propose to Sarah a 30 April deadline for the editorial... need to know if this is too late for her.
  • ACTION: Each lead reviewer writes two-liner on their reviewed paper for the editorial
  • ACTION: Pete: to go through latest dolege thread on KM4dev

3. Misc.

  • We do an email check end-March to see if everything is on track
  • Put on agenda for next call: comms and dissemination strategy for the issue, which mailing lists we send to
  • ACTION: next call Tuesday April 21, 3-4 GMT (on Skype, boo Google + :-p)!
  • ACTION: Lucie to put notes on wiki