Editor Google + hangout: December 1 2014

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Call’s agenda:

  1. Status of authors
  2. Any questions you have
  3. Identifying editors for the papers

1. Status

  • Overview - Column M of the spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CYg2b8lEy6CR2ppI3neElXz9h73VGREoPxBnLMlL2Is/edit#gid=1090671867)for comments on these papers (today)
  • Many authors have asked for extensions. Decision: absolute deadline is Dec. 10
  • Reviewed deadlines:
    • Submission of paper 30/11/14 -> changed to 10/12/14
    • Peer-review completed 10/01/15 -> changed to 17/12/14 for late submissions
    • Final version of paper submitted 01/03/15
    • Publication date May 2015
  • Late submission = late review from editors but March 1st final submission deadline will not change.

2. Questions

  • What do we do if authors send their paper via email rather than the OAJS? Best if authors submit papers through the system, try to encourage them to get used to the system
  • Do we have a checklist for what we need to tell them now? See the editor handbook to find standard replies:


  • As a second editor, do I wait until I am contacted by lead before I do anything? The first editors to pull together the editorial process for the papers in question and contact the second editor (and third... see below).
  • What is the paper is of really bad quality, does it still go in? Even if they are asked to write the paper it doesn't mean it goes into the Issue.

3. Editor changes

  • The balance of editorial duties was readjusted (see Tabs G and H in spreadsheet)
  • We need at least 2 reviewers per paper, preferably find a third reviewer external to our group

Editors to dos: