Discussion Report 10 Shikha and Dale- Overcoming cultural and language barriers for effective KS?

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Title of Session

Overcoming challenges of culture and language for ensuring effective knowledge sharing


Dale and Shikha


  • Margarita
  • Kate
  • Oliever
  • Juliet
  • Kris
  • Caroo
  • Dorine
  • Jane
  • Ewen
  • Jessica

Key Discussion Points


  • Gender issues talked among women
  • Most content and knowledge products are transcribed in English
  • Speaking different language for working in same projects
  • Translation cost very high for multilingual solutions
  • Hierarchal and patriarchal mindsets that inhibits participation
  • Presence of immense unexplored knowledge products in local settings
  • Peer pressure not to share with the fear of being looked upon as ignorant
  • Different cultures respond differently to methods and technology
  • Hetero-centric culture where sexually diverse people feel discriminated
  • Cannot participate in policy not knowing official language
  • Use of slangs, jargons differently
  • Cannot understand language that affect relationship


  • Small unified community for discussing, providing support through small summaries in local languages
  • Build trust and confidence by continous mentoring
  • People adjusting expectations regarding slow communication, loss of information during translated sessions
  • Allocating facilitators and translators for connecting during workshop
  • Identification of connectors who know English and their language of country or region for sharing knowledge at base
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge allowing for others' comments
  • Creation and adoptions of formats that ar freiendlty to people from different culture and cotntexts
  • Separate language based knowledge platforms but with central feeding mechanisms
  • Sharing using music, pictures, imaging, video, audio podcasts, theatures
  • Advocate for sharing social structures
  • Awareness building of so called upper classes
  • Building self confidence of women and low cast people
  • Provide access to virtual community for women and low castes
  • Use change agents from outside community to change behavioral pattern
  • Sharing title abstracts and using voting via social networking translations
  • Practice concise writing
  • Use generated translations with shared responsibility within community for translations eg translators for development
  • Increase regular gathering of people from diverse scenario
  • Enhance participation from south