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Session Title

Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Monitoring and Evaluation 76567

Name of Convenor

Sybil Chidiac schidiac[at]care.org


  • Nabeel Goheer goheer[at]ilo.org
  • James Moschant jmarchant[at]cafod.org.uk
  • Taline Haytayan thaytayan[at]aidsalliance.org
  • Gauri Salokhe gauri.salokhe[at]fao.org
  • Reza Salim info[at]bfes.net
  • Nadia Loumbeva nadejda_loumbeva[at]yahoo.co.uk
  • Sophie Treinen Sophie.treinen[at]fao.org
  • Rutti Goldberger rgoldberger[at]ippf.org
  • Meg Mottaz mottaz[at]ilo.org
  • Carla Alcobia carla.alcobia[at]gmail.com
  • Eva Schmidt eva.schmidt[at]gmx.ch
  • Prabhu Rajendran prabhu_rajendran[at]yahoo.com
  • Vicky Giroud-Casteilla giroud[at]ild.org
  • Ivan Kulis ik[at]ecdpm.org
  • Denise Senmartin Senmartin[at]iicd.org

Key Discussion Points

  1. nothing
  2. nothing at all
  3. everything
  4. follow up: go diving