Coordinators (i.e., Facilitators

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Questions we came up with (that are specific to Coordinators)

  1. How do you feel about the quality of the TKN "business" plan (Purpose Checklist) and the progress made so far?
  2. Is the Checklist still relevant?
  3. Have you performed regular evaluation and revisions of your TKN since its inception?
  4. What percentage of time is factored in for facilitation/coordination? -
  5. How did you become facilitator of the network?
  6. What have you been doing to stimulate participation?
  7. Have you tried to promote the network?
  8. If participation hasn't been forthcoming, why do think that is?
  9. Has the facilitation training provided made your role somewhat easier? (if applicable)
  10. What other facilitation tools have you used (guides, etc.)?
  11. Are you in touch with other facilitators (through a network)?
  12. Do you enjoy facilitating your network?
  13. Did you receive enough technical support when starting up the TKN? If no, how could this be improved?
  14. When do you spend time on the network? (during office hours or outside of office hours)
  15. Would a network of all TKN facilitators in FAO be something useful for knowledge sharing?
  16. Were you guided on how to facilitate?
  17. Was the provided solution (D-groups, Typo 3 Based platform) enough to meet your TKN's needs?
  18. Based on what you are currently using, what additional functionalities would be useful to the "better functioning" of your TKN?