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This space is for overall planning and coordination of the KM4Dev workshop in Rome which will take place around the second global Share Fair (26-30 September 2011). Notes from coordination meetings will be added here. 
. Notes for our participation in the ShareFair are also here (Scroll down)

Key questions, issues and TO-DO's at this stage

Questions and issues:

  • How is the Share Fair team organising visas and what do we need to do, if anything?
  • Finding organisations willing to sponsor participants;
  • Who will build the Share Fair calendar? So that we can see how we fit in in an integrated way and where we slot own meetings. See the recently published ShareFair wikis at [1] and [2]

KM4Dev Meeting

  • We decided it will be mostly in Open Space. Two main themes: a) KM4Dev introspection and planning and b) any KM/KS issues participants want to propose
  • What about social reporting? Who? Tags? Wifi at IFAD?

TO-DOs and actions:

When (deadline)
Organise next Skype call to sort out a number of issues
Natalie to organise
Late July
Prepare proposal for Share Fair
Ewen + Carl
1 July
Being finalised
Inform the wider community about annual event
Book room at IFAD
Carl for How session, Lucie/Natalie/Gauri for KM4Dev event
In progress

Get exact list of participants (and number of people) and share it with Willem/IFAD for security clearing
 ??? (Natalie setting up registration form)

Indicate core group member availability during summer 2011 months for all core group members to ensure continuity
All core group members

Get back to the community with renewed invitation to join the coordination of the 'How' session and the KM4Dev annual event. (Nancy added NING Event notice)
Peter and Ewen
11 July - DONE

Set up information page for participants to the KM4Dev event (WIki? NING? BOTH?)

Find volunteers to staff the 'cozy corner' (among more experienced KM4Dev members)

Prepare registration form of participants for annual event (We need to cross share registration info w/ ShareFair/Gauri)

IDentify place for Friday evening no-host social dinner

Identify place for Core Group meeting Thur night

Current ideas for KM4Dev happenings at the ShareFair

KM4Dev will be present in five different ways:

  1. Day Zero As individual volunteers contributing to day 0 (Ideas: social media and KS methods training, graphic facilitation introduction, peer assists - we should put together a list of who/what might be offered as a menu to the proposal?)
  2. KM4dev corner during the 3 day (or also during day Zero?) ShareFair we will arrange a nice "lounge" corner - permanently personed by a volunteer and with km4dev info material (and a laptop to show things online?) in atrium or next to conference centre, we can wear a badge with KM4Dev or a bizzcard. We need to submit a proposal by 1 July.
  3. HOW session during fair As organising a specific session on HOW to do KM for development in some way (proposal to be developed)
  4. KM4dev core meet Thu 29 Sept evening, open to all interested, rather informal, outside IFAD, probably in restaurant
  5. KM4dev2011 Fri 30 Sept full day, back-to-back with the Share Fair.

Day 0

The Day zero (Monday 26 September) of the Share Fair will be done like in Addis, having volunteers training people interested in learning a specific knowledge sharing method or IT / social media tool. KM4dev'rs will help facilitate. how to use social media to this end. Peter (Bury) will start coordinating this session although for all of these sessions (day 0, how, annual event) we'd like to get more volunteers (also from the wider KM4Dev list) pulled in and playing a role - hopefully even leading on the coordination.

Carl, Ewen, Lucie and Peter indicated they're interested in contributing to this day 0, particularly to show knowledge-sharing approaches (Carl mentioned collaborative problem-solving and 'gift garden', a mix between world café and sthg else) but possibly also for KM tools.

The Share Fair group will definitely be on top of organising this day 0 and might decide - as was the case in Addis in October 2010 - to assign the specific session on knowledge sharing approaches to KM4Dev. But we need to double check this with them.

Specific session on HOW

Ewen and Carl have been working on the proposal: [3] . It was submitted on the deadline and will be reviewed among the many proposals received. We have no guarantee that this session effectively happens.

All proposals are supposed to address one or more of the following specific themes: new trends and thinking on coping with market access challenges and developing markets for small farmers innovative use of mobile technology and/or social media in the agriculture sector to enhance food security and nutrition the impact of migration and population growth to feed future population new technologies and innovative agricultural and farming practices to increase productivity opportunities for innovative partnerships including with private sector, farmer organizations, environment-friendly and green innovations.

The idea for this session is that we start exploring the way KM4Dev facilitates diversity, openness, interaction and recognition in a fishbowl format, starting with some core group members and then continuing as a DeBono's thinking hats sub-group discussion.

Carl is taking charge of coordinating this session and has added quite a few ideas to the proposal: working around openness (stewarding power for trust through transparency) and on interaction (match making through attention to lurking mavens and orphans; recognition through synthesis and profiling contribitions). In all of this pull out relevant technologies and how they are stewarded. On the link to mobiles/ social media we could explore diversity in terms of enabling geographic/contextual enrichment of initial info in online discissions to make useful knowledge. On openness we could explore reflexivity on implicit context of original information (whether sci or IK). On interaction we could explore enablers of multi loop learning, volunteering and popular/humorous governance. On partnerships we could explore the role of private sector consultants as connectors in networks and the need for opportunism/adaptive management.

On the logistical side: most ShareFair rooms are small, scattered across building. They all have big table, chairs, projector. Longish vs roundish. Market, plenary, parallel. There is also the Qatar centre which offer an open space but not that big Riff: also possible to do a session in other time slots (morning, lunch, evening?) - using a marketplace format etc.?

KM4Dev annual event

Organizers so far: Ewen, Peter, Nancy, Lucie, Carl, Natalie, Sophie.

The annual event will take place on Friday (so back-to-back after the official 3 days ShareFair, but as of now still planned at IFAD) and will be preceded on Thursday night by a core group meeting. We can expect a max of 80 participants (to discuss with IFAD).

The annual scope will be 'navel gazing +'. The navel gazing part is kinda compulsory but we also want to offer sthg else, also because not everyone may be aware of KM4Dev (though we provide opportunities throughout the ShareFair and should advertise this). On the navel-gazing, we need to look forward 2-3 years and this event gives us an opportunity to go forward with this - e.g. a type of collective visioning exercise and back-cast our activities from it. We can't jump straight into the navel-gazing so we need to 'pre-cook' that session with the wider community. In order to do so, we'll identify in the prep group (core group + volunteers (still to identify, still to advertise for again?) from the wider KM4Dev community) 3 themes that seem interesting to organise our navel-gazing around and engage the KM4Dev mailing list and Ning groups up front in facilitated discussions around these themes for 2 to 3 days online (in August/September).

Process-wise, we all agree that Open Space is definitely the way to go.

On Friday evening we'll also organise a social evening (with guitars, candles etc. ha ha ha).

Some ideas for the annual event (to be detailed further): 

Introduction to the community - what it is, what it has done so far, what it has brought to people?

  • Where are we headed? What is planned, what could be opportunities? Where do you think KM4Dev could add value? Where can you add value to KM4Dev (we need to agree on how much the IFAD project can or should not be mentioned)
  • What does this mean in practice? Inviting all to think about some general governance issues? (perhaps combined with previous session)
  • What does it mean in real practice? A closed KM4Dev core group session to really sort out pending issues in a group whose size is manageable. (or instead of closed, just be very clear this is for people who intend to act/participate not just watch) 

Please note: Due to security in IFAD, we need to have the exact list of participants and the number of people. For the Saturday, around 80-90 would be acceptable (however the number can still to be negotiated with Willem in case we get a higher participation).


Peter will contact the Rome group to see how day 0 will be marketed and whether we can use the Share Fair website to announce the annual KM4Dev event.

Lucie asked Peter (and all actually) if we might want to get more moo cards about KM4Dev.

There were some ideas from Nancy about organising visas, transport etc. but all of this is very well taken care of on the Share Fair website:

However we may want to check in our respective networks whether any organisation might be willing to sponsor some participants (from the South). Ewen and Peter will add this to the email for the wider list.

We also agreed that we'd rather have a 'cozy corner' with rotation among members to explain informally to whoever turning up what KM4Dev is and does etc. than a booth.

Finally, for the sake of better coordinating these sessions, we'll set up a dedicated Dgroup (Sophie will be asked to help with this).

The next meeting should take place in late July / early August.

Background information and links

The call for proposals for the Share Fair is available here.

Earlier discussions related to this event:

Earlier agreements (for the record)

  • The theme of the KM4Dev annual event is: Community navel-gazing + sthg else...
  • Rather than a booth, we want a KM4Dev cozy corner where we can always sit, have a chat and talk about KM4Dev at peace.
  • We want to prepare some online engagement (on the Dgroup mailing list and Ning groups) on three themes that relate to the navel gazing of the community.
  • This Share Fair is a great opportunity to organise a KM4Dev even.
  • The KM4Dev event does not have to have an interlinked theme with that of the Share Fair.
  • The intro to newcomers of KM4Dev could be before the programme or during the Share Fair as one of the sessions.
  • The KM4Dev group in Rome will help as facilitators and support network but leave the lead to whoever emerges as coordinating committee. (For clarity, Sophie's words: Core group members who are putting together the programme should lead the process. However the volunteers will be present to intervene whenever needed. We also discussed logistics in order to give addresses of hotel, B&B, restaurants)
  • KM4Dev folks will provide voluntary help with KS/Social Media skills on day 0.
  • In addition core group members agreed that they can offer something FOR the Share Fair, separate from KM4Dev meeting that talks about the HOW that fits with any of the proposed ShareFair themes.
  • We can meet in IFAD on Friday 30 September AND Saturday 1 October 2011 and can thus announce the event on the mailing list.