Contextual Issues and Questions Raised by TAG

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  • Do we have over clarity about the diverse community needs, which creates a very real tension between what might be cool and useful but which cannot be useful in limited bandwidth settings. What are our values around that diversity? Do we not use things because they can't be done w/ dialup or do we exclude those who can't get the access? Where is the space in between?
  • Using/participating/networking with KM4Dev is a personal choice of professionals in this field. Meaning there is 90% personal professional motivation for the KM individual in an organisation, and 10% organisational support, in paricipating/contributing to KM4Dev (Lucie may correct me here).
  • What are the potential number of the individuals and organisations that are participating in KM4Dev now?
  • What would be the expected growth rate of individuals and organisations that would be participating in KM4Dev in next 5 years?
  • What are the common tasks/deliverables of KM4Dev individual participants in her organisation? What are the benefits/services/incentives KM4Dev currently offering in fulfilling those tasks in her work? What are the benefits/services/incentives KM4Dev can offer in next 5 years in order to fulfill those tasks?
  • What are the expectations of the organisations? What are the roles of partnerships, collaborations in KM4Dev? How can organisations take advantage for their 10% contribution/participation?
  • How can KM4Dev position itself in making itself viable and visible for the participants?
  • Because we are a loose network that really reacts more than plans, what does it mean to plan for the future? Does this mean we should take small, iterative steps rather than trying to plan some big migration?