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Outline Agenda for KM4Dev Learning Lab on Technology Stewardship


  • Raise awareness of what is technology stewardship and how can it be approached
  • Explore key characteristics of technology stewardship in development by reflecting on participants’ experiences in the identification and use of technologies to support collaboration and learning in networks and communities.
  • Synthesise key ideas and good practice in a wiki based report including a brief description of interrelated methods and tools (specific format to be discussed and agreed with the KM4Dev core group)


When What Notes
Week 0 Introductions as people arrive
  • Are you currently a “Tech Steward”? – describe the community and your role
  • What do you want to get out of this learning lab?
Week 1 (11 June) A day in the life of a Tech Steward: What we do and how.
  • Expanding on our introductions
  • Initial look at the literature
Notes: What is a Technology Steward
Week 2 (18 June) What does your community do and what technology support does it use? Notes: Taking Stock

Notes: CoP Orientation

Notes: Dimensions of Community Life

Week 3 (25 June) Selecting communication tools for a community: matching technology to activities Notes: Mini Case Studies

Technology for Communities project (CPsquare)

Week 4 (2 July) Migrating to a new platform
  • Leading a community through major change
Notes: Moving to a New Platform

Notes: Working across multiple platforms

Notes: About Community

Week 5 (9 July) Technology Stewarding revisited
  • A deeper look at everyday stuff needed to keep a community ticking over

Responding to 'big picture' challenges - what opportunities does the tech open up?

Week 6 (23 July) Review of Technology Stewardship in KM4Dev
  • Reflect on experiences associated with KM4Dev’s current and recent use of technology in the light of what has been learned to date
Notes: About KM4Dev

Notes: Towards a Tech Inventory for KM4Dev

Week 7 (30 July) Recommendations for KM4Dev Core Group
  • What should the KM4Dev community be doing in order to ensure sensible and feasible planning and implementation of decisions about the platforms it is using

Review and reflections on CTLab

We did not complete the agenda as planned, due to diminishing participation. The group took a break during August then reconvened to reflect on the learning lab and to consider what the group wanted to to next.

Notes: Review of CTLab