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Friday Fun --

I received this message in my inbox recently. Worth sharing on a good Friday.

Who among us doesn't feel stressed at some time or another?

Well, here is a little something that might help to relieve the stress.

Turn your speakers ON. Preferably loud too. IF you work in an office or somewhere that quiet and decorum is expected than I'd suggest you mute the sound to a very low level.

When the little guy shows up move your mouse like crazy, up down, sideways and all around and watch what happens. The faster you move your mouse the more animated he becomes. Little kids who might not feel stress will even enjoy this one.

I can almost guarantee that this will greatly improve your mood.

Follow the link. [1]

I dare you not to laugh.

What's the "best practice" format for hyperlinks?

Follow the link. [2]

Follow the Link

Visit the Elastic Baby.

Let's go check the Wikitips.....