Are you trying to identify lessons learned in a project?

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Note to Ewen and Jane: I am just putting here what is on the flipchart... I will leave it to you to make sense out of it and correct mistakes in interpretation! See photo on previous page.

Learning from projects


  1. Local ownership from the start/building on local K/combining local & outside K
  2. Incorporating lessons from other projects, experiences, etc.
  3. Horizontal & vertical learning/multi-stakeholder participation
  4. Aligning M&E and learning
  5. Bringing out the unintended/How to deal with sensitive information?
  6. Different mechanisms for: local community/project implementors, partners/external parties
  7. Lessons for the project stakeholders vs external groups
  8. Traditional communications channels (& institutions)
  9. The process of learning is valuable and the culture of work should acknowledge/allow for this


  • Participatory context analysis (baseline)- linked to number 1
  • Peer assist - linked to number 2
  • F-2-F meetings/online CoP - linked to number 3
  • After action review - linked to number 4
  • Storytelling - linked to number 5
  • Triangulation of different methods (ex. AAR + storytelling... but beware of manipulation of stories)
  • Create Learning Framework with guiding questions you aim to learn about
  • Developmental Evaluation - active reflection, adaptation, action throughout the process of your project

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