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KM4Dev is a community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches, and who seek to share ideas and experiences in this domain.

The community traces its origins back to two face-to-face workshops held respectively in February and June 2000. Participants from the two workshops wanted to continue discussing among themselves and asked Bellanet to create an electronic forum where this could take place. The KM4Dev mailing list and website came to be in the summer of 2000. To subscribe to KM4Dev, send a blank message to km4dev-l AT dgroups.org

A volunteer Core Group was created in May 2004 to further support the community and help respond to its needs.

As a community, KM4Dev has evolved following these supporting principles:

  1. Open and interactive in nature
  2. Supports and encourages a mix of individuals (Northern and Southern participation,large and small organizations, academics and practitioners, male and female)
  3. (International) development is the specific, underlying context to our exploration of KM/KS issues and approaches

KM4Dev members regularly undertake specific projects linked to their own interests. In some cases, we hope to obtain funding to support the development of the community and its resources. The KM4Dev community organizes face-to-face workshops[1]; these regular events (at least annually) have served to bring together development practitioners to discuss and share their ideas and experiences related to KM. This community is fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of its members and the KM4Dev Core group welcomes members taking initiative of hosting and organizing events. If you - or your organization - are interested in organizing or hosting an event, please read the following KM4Dev events guidelines.

Linked to the community is the KM4D Journal[2]. It focuses on KM in development, which includes diverse knowledge management approaches in development organizations, large and small, in the South and in the North. Offering practice-based cases, analysis and research concerning the role of knowledge in development processes, it provides a forum for debate and exchange of ideas among practitioners, policy makers, academics and activists world-wide. From January 2009 - 213, the Journal was published by Routledge and only available on this website a year later. A number of free hard copies of the Journal were sent to community members on demand. The journal is now again open source!

To find out how you can be involved in the KM4Dev community, please email KM4DevCoregroup@dgroups.org