2014 KM4Dev Futures Meetings

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To discuss the options from the Envisioning KM4Dev Futures - 2013 - 2014 Focused Conversations and Phase Two Report, meetings are being held in The Hague, Rome and online over 27-28 March 2014. Please visit that page for all relevant background documents. Notes from the face to face and online meetings will be collected here.

Remote Participation

A Skype Group will be opened during the face to face meetings to enable remote participants to contribute comments by chat and listen (and bandwidth permitting speak). To be added to the group please email your Skype ID to Peter Bury (profbury@gmail.com)

Notes from The Hague Meeting

The meeting was documented in a publicly editable Google Doc "Hague 2014 KM4Dev Futures - Notes " and a PDF version Media:Example.ogg

Notes from the Rome Meeting

Initially notes are being captured in a public editable Google Doc "Rome 2014 KM4Dev Futures - Notes "

Notes from the KM4Dev DGroup List

We will gather related posts sent to the "KM4Dev DGroup Email List"

Notes from the KM4Dev Ning site

We will gather related posts on the "KM4Dev Ning site"

Notes from the WhatsApp conversation

Whatsapp exchange experiment (update till 1 April 2014)

Notes from the KM4Dev Twitter

We are gathering related tweets in the streams "@KM4Dev", #km4devfutures and #km4dev on this "Twitter Tagboard"